Philosophy of Media Ministry

Media Ministry is an evolving aspect of the modern church. Every place I have ever served there were differences, but I find that my fundamental approach to media ministry applied: Media Ministry exists to facilitate, enhance, and extend the ministry of the church.

Let me quote an exceprt form the church’s communication page:

Without the mission and work of the New Testament church, media would have no ministry aspect. On its most basic level, media is simply a communication tool.

But, media is also a language of communication. People understand and expect messages to be encoded in media. Communication, both inside and outside with church, is more effective if media is used. In many ways, we are leveraging technology to help build the kingdom of God.

The media ministry of First Baptist Church of Orlando exists to facilitate, enhance, and extend the ministry of the church. Our goal is to use media to communicate truth as effectively as possible, to help people develop a passion for God, people, and service.

In our media driven culture, the use of technical media in church has taken on new importance. When people see large “TV” screens in the worship center, they expect the quality and content of a television show. The same can be applied to lighting and audio.

Where audio, video, and lighting were once simply to facilitate the services and activities of the church, we are now striving to enhance the worship of those attending, and to extend the ministry of the church through various broadcasts. Our broadcasts help us extend the ministry of this local body beyond our doors, and into people’s homes. 

As the world moves more and more toward media convergence, and the internet becomes a more critical component for future communication. Social networking, push technology, and dynamic content will be basic requirements for any website that wants return visitors.

The weekly bulletin is still a cornerstone of communication. It’s often the first thing a new person will read. As the world becomes more cluttered, and religion is pushed toward the margins of life, marketing and advertising, both in the church and out, has become a necessity

In the post-literate, post-modern world we find ourselves in, communications becomes an integral part in helping spread the Gospel and Jesus Christ, and making disciples.