Caylee Marie Anthony Memorial Service Tentatively Scheduled at Our Church

The local Fox station just announced that my church will host the Caylee Marie Anthony memorial service. An official time and date for the service will be announced later after more information is available.

We released a statement to the news media after getting calls about the service, and excerpt follows:

Dr. David Uth, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Orlando, offered the following statement:

“I believe God placed First Baptist Church of Orlando here in Central Florida to make a difference in this community, and to love this community. We believe our purpose is to be a lighthouse, especially in difficult and dark times. One of those times is now as we have all been saddened by the death of Caylee Anthony.

As a church, we want to provide hope, healing and the opportunity to experience God’s love. We believe that hosting the service will give us the opportunity to minister to a family in need and to a community that is hurting because of the loss of this precious child. “

Specific details about the service will be released as soon as additional information is available.

You can imagine the attention this service will get. The coverage running up to the service and the event itself will likely garner national attention.