People vs. Tasks

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Are you a people person? Or do you bury yourself in tasks?

If you are like me, you have a list of things to get done each week. Sundays come around with startling regularity, and making sure everything is set for the weekend is a major task. It’s important. It must be done.

I find myself annoyed when I’m interrupted. Don’t these people know I am busy? I have to get ready for the services. I am doing all this work so they will have a good worship experience. Why won’t they let me get my work done?

I have to stop myself. I have to remind myself that ministry isn’t about doing stuff, it’s about impacting people, helping them grow in their relationship with Christ. I have to remember that ministry doesn’t stop when the service ends. While tasks are important, people are not interruptions… they are the reason I have a job. They are the people God has called me to minister to. My ministry job should never get in the way of actual ministry.


Original Name, huh?

Well, that’s what happens when someone else has your same name and has registered the domain. You get to be very original and add world like “blog” to the end of your name so you can register it. I looked at lots of different names, but since this is my personal blog I didn’t want to limit the content.

Still, most of the time you will see posts about media and communications, since that is my job. And those will likely relate to church, since that is where I work. Or will be from a conservative Christian perspective, since that is what I am. You might see something about politics or society in general. Anyway, here we go.