Guess Again, and Again

I am sitting in the lobby of a movie theater, waiting for my chosen film to begin seating, typing on my iPhone. I am trying not to second guess myself.

The media hype around the memorial service is beginning to grow. As I watch the news and react, sample limited public sentiment and react, and work through logistics with other members of the team I find myself second guessing.

I am wondering if I should have continued with my plans to leave town for a convention. Since we have declined almost all on-camera interviews (as well as live phone) I am able to handle all the calls from anywhere. I am coming back earlier than planned.

At first I was saying we would have no overflow seating, but as the hype grows and since the room where we can do a video overflow is available, we say OK to possible overflow. I have even rented some gear to make possible a third overflow room if the crowd demands it. But every other time we thought an event like this might use overflow, we have not used it.

We have told everyone, even media, that the campus is going to be shut down overnight. But, would it hurt if we let media crews park their trucks overnight? It might even make it easier the next morning. This really depends on any security concerns others have.

It’s easy for me to second guess what we are doing. We have never done anything like it before. We won’t know if a lot of the calls we are making now are the right ones until after the service is over.

What we do know is that God is in control. I am asking for peace, wisdom, and discernment during this.

I am also going to relax and watch a movie after spending more time on the phone todau than I care to remember.