An Odd Feeling… I don’t like that I miss it

I’ve been experiencing an odd feeling the last couple of days.

No, I don’t miss the calls and attention. That’s not it. But I do think there was a rush in knowing something everyone else wanted to know. Because of my position with the church, I was informed about all kinds of things that all kinds of news media types would have really liked to know. I deflected and refused to answer all kinds of questions because I shouldn’t have answered them. But I did know the answers.

What is it about people that makes us want to be “in the know”, that makes us desire to be informed? It’s not just simple curiosity. I know lots of things that have to do with media and technology that most people don’t care about. That doesn’t produce the same feeling.

It’s when you know what the other guy wants to know. That’s the key element.

Sadly this crosses over to general ministry. I have seen churches that operated among staff on a kind of “knowledge is power’ principle. They will tell you what you have to know, and nothing more. Nothing demoralizes an young ministry staffer more than not being trusted, not being included in the “why” of a decision. Even if they are not the decision maker, they want to know some of the reason why a direction was chosen.

But this management style still exists, and those who employ it wonder why their staff has low moral, and does not seem to understand the vision. Let them in on the “why” and see what happens.