A Fairness Doctrine by any Other Name… Still Stinks.

There has been a general surge in news stories about the Fairness Doctrine.

It seems that the latest tactics are to bury regulations that accomplish the same kinds of things as the fairness doctrine in rules regarding localism and neutrality. If you listen to some reports the only outlets that will be affected are conservative or religious radio stations. The focus seems to be less on TV, at this time anyway.

For me, it’s not that I don’t want more left-leaning shows on the air. It’s that I don’t want the government trying to decide what would be “fair” in broadcasting. If a liberal radio station can thrive in the free market, more power to them. Let the public decide what they want to listen to. If the station’s audience allows them to sell enough ads to stay afloat, great.

If the government decides what is “fair” then the party in power limits free speech every time they exercise their control.