Are We “Reaching the Culture”? ask James MacDonald

James MacDonald posted an article called : “Reaching Our Culture” blah, bah, blah

Here are a couple of excellent insights:

Why does it seem that most of the people talk talk talking about reaching the culture are doing such a meager job of it. Why is it that from frustrated old college professors to angry young mega church haters, the vast majority of people waxing eloquent about their passion to penetrate the culture with the gospel are bearing such scanty, sparse, spartan, even scarce fruit? By fruit I mean actual living breathing men and women turning from sin and self and embracing Jesus Christ as Savior and Master of their souls.
I think some people need to be a little more honest about what they really mean when they say “reaching the culture.” Here’s three things I think they mean:
1) They mean reaching people very different from themselves.
2) They mean reaching secular people who have no interest in God
3) They mean reaching cool people who make them feel cool

Cultures don’t come to Christ, Individuals do.

Great article. only one area I would caution on… In point one, he goes on to talk about how it is easier for people to reach people that are a part of their own cultural subset. I agree, 100%. I would caution though, if you have so inulated yourself from the world, and are so immersed in the Christian subculture, you may not know anyone in our cultural subset that needs Jesus.

Take care to find way to keep yourself interacting with people who need Jesus. Find a new hobby, join a gym, hang out at a coffee shop. Do something.