Ampd Kids Realizes a Dream

Last year the student ministry here, AMPD, took a mission trip to LA where they say a converted truck in action. The truck would roll up to a neighborhood. Students would scatter to the houses, and gather a crowd. The sides of the truck would drop down revealing a stage. The students would put on a program, and ministry happened.

Inspired, the student ministry from First Orlando came back to Florida, and began to raise money. The got enough to buy the truck, and do some mechanical repairs, and even build the stage. During the Senior Adult revival this year, our pastor told about what was happening, and they took up a special offering to help finish the truck. A couple Sunday’s ago, the student ministry was presented with a check for $6000 to go toward the project.

It still isn’t finished, but last Saturday they took it out to a local park. See the results here:

Over 300 attended. 47 decisions.


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