An Interesting Outreach

I wanted to brag on a colleague. A guy who works with me has a passion for reaching people in the Disney College Program. He and his room mates have changed their lives to try to impact those young people. Things have not been like they expected, but God is using them and their flexibility.

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The Disney College Program means opportunity for students from throughout the world. For John Grosshans, who works at First Orlando as a Digital Designer and is also one of the leaders of the College Ministry, Disney’s College Program (CP) is a natural evangelistic outreach.

“We don’t quite have an official name for the ministry yet,” John said. “We are kind of calling it ‘CP Outreach’ for now.”

By “we,” John is referring to his two ministry partners, Craig McCall and Patrick White. And if the three were looking for an endeavor that perfectly matches their passion, they’ve certainly found it.