Experiment in the Mobile Mundane

This past weekend we drove from Florida to Tennessee, over 680 miles in one day with 3 kids under 7. For fun I chronicled our journey on Twitter/ Facebook.

The responses ranged from people laughing to people we know in TN asking where we were staying and how long. I had instant (OK, quick) communication with my entire network of friends. No one’s life was changed.

Aside from a few people who needed to know when we were arriving, none of the information I shared was truly important to those reading. It was fun, and a few people had some laughs. My 7 month old behind the wheel was a popular picture.

I watched a video criticizing twitter culture the other day. I’m mobile or I would link it for you. Basically the premise was that Twitter had all this power and people were posting the most trivial chatter.

Think about it. Now, more than ever our sphere of influence is bigger than ever. Our access to information is greater than ever. I used maps, two kinds of weather programs, three kinds of social network tools, watched a movie and played games, all on my phone. Not to mention basic texts and email.

We have this power literally at our fingertips, and many of us use it only for inane chatter. Be careful, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t chat with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Use this tool to help strengthen your relationships. Have fun.

There’s nothing wrong with letting people know tidbits about your life, but my challenge for you is to use this power God has let into your life to communicate more.


One thought on “Experiment in the Mobile Mundane

  1. I enjoyed keeping up with your travels as you updated. But you are right, we have to be careful not to share too much information. That is a great challenge, Scott. Thanks for that. I, myself would like to second Scott’s challenge…and encourage others to use it for God’s glory.


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