New Look for Heaven Series

This is the first weekend of the new “Heaven” series. The first week we have author Don Piper speaking. He is telling part of his amazing story. The rest of the series features messages from our pastor.

heavenlook4 For this series, the team outdid themselves. In a short week (We had Monday off for Easter holiday) they broke down and reformed the trusses, and added two projectors. the results are very good. The new truss configuration in in half a starburst, with material billowing between it. The movers can hit that material or the stage. We did the wrap again, but placed it below the lip of the wall. The projection is using the Triple-Head-To-Go and an extra laptop for the far right image.

We had our troubles. It took longer than we expected to get things done. We had planned on using one more spare projector to shot up at the ceiling material, but that one has a problem with overheating. Also, we had sent an Eiki 6500 lumen projector out for repair, which matched the one we used for the far left image. It did not make it back for this service. The right image was made with a different Christie projector. It is rated at 6500 lumens, but does not produce it. It is older, and just can’t keep up with the newer Christies used for the inner images.

Still, it looks pretty good.




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  1. Looks great, Scott and FBCO team! I watched online this evening, and it was great! I wish I could have worshiped with you guys tonight!

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