How Much Work do You Put Into It?

I am working on a promo video that will primarily play on the web. there is a small chance it could play pre-service in the WC. I spent about 6 hours so far on it. It looks pretty good. Decent animation at the front, 30-second talking head promo, with animation and tag at the end. I had selected some music, but my broadcast audio guy asked to give the audio a go. He will spend at least an hour on it. Before it’s over, we will have spent 8 man hours on this promo.

My question is… should we have spent the last 2 hours? On the web, with FLV compression, will anyone care about the nuance we are adding?

I struggle with maintaining a level of excellence vs. a level of efficiency. I want it to be good, very good. I also want to make sure we focus on priorities. In the moment, it’s hard to know which is which.

On the plus side, the promo will be pretty cool.


One thought on “How Much Work do You Put Into It?

  1. I think that is fair…especially if it is going to be shown on the “big screen.” If it was just for web…I would probably be okay with spending that amount of time on it as well! There is nothing more than a amateur promo video…that doesn’t really get me excited about events. But again, I am passionate about video. Mistakes / bad transitions / non-clean audio can be a little distracting and does not promote the event well. You know what I mean? I am sure that it looks / sounds great!


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