The Value of The Experience

Last night I attended the opening of Star Trek.(PG13. Some content keeps me from recommending you bring kids.) I went to the late night IMAX showing in Orlando. There were two shows later than mine, but it was late for me.

I am very particular about movie going. I don’t like crowded theaters. I don’t like expensive tickets. My best theater experiences are when the crowd consists of me, my wife, and less than five other people. At a matinée price.

I knew this would be different. My show was sold out by early afternoon. I went online and paid $15+$2 “convenience fee” for the ticket. My two key indicators of enjoyment were already negative. I have never paid $17 for any movie ticket. Ever. I can buy movies for that. And a sold out IMAX theater means 480 people.

I arrived 50 minutes early. There were people in character costumes. There was an air of expectation. I get in line, hanging with friends.

Once the line moves we get into a decent seat. The “Trekkies” come in and begin asking trivia and handing out prizes.the excitement was building.

Lights go down, and people are applauding the previews. Let me say, the Transformers trailer in IMAX is worth the price of admission. Wow.

I won’t comment on the movie other than to say you won’t be disappointed. The experience was amazing. IMAX sight and sound. Capacity crowd of people willing to come out very late to watch a film.

The value of the collective experience was worth the cost. We, together experienced the film.

How do we encourage collective experience in worship?