Angel and Demons – Take the Chance

This weekend 2nd movie from Dan Brown’s series of novels opens in theaters; “Angels and Demons”. Much like the movie of his work “The DaVinci Code” this one will generate controversy. To be honest, having read both of those books and seen the previous movie, it is the controversy which sells this story line. The work lacks a bit. I say that readily admitting, I have done no writing or made no movie which is better. It’s easier to be a critic than a writer. Still, my wife and I rated the first movie and both books: lame. (And not just because of the historical inaccuracy).

From the books, it is clear that Dan Brown has a real problem with the Catholic church. There are much smarter and more knowledgeable people than me who can talk about the content of these works of fiction at length. However, his views have continually generated conversations about faith and truth.

The release of this movie is another chance for people of faith to interact with people in their lives who will already be talking about matters of faith and truth simply because they are talking about the movie. Do not let this opportunity go by.

Take this chance to talk about this story, and then share your own faith story with those around you.