Ministry Marketing Schizophrenia & Silos

Phil Cooke has an interesting take on Ministry Marketing.

The symptom I want to highlight is the 2nd; Divided and Conquered Syndrome:

When a Christian organization sees its ministry and its marketing as separate things, that schizophrenia often grows into (or out of) an even more fractured environment. Turf warfare is tragically commonplace in Christian organizations.

In these ministries, not only have marketing and ministry come to be regarded as separate things, but each function – each department, each office – has evolved into a miniature “state” all its own. Frustration runs high, efficiency runs low; quantity and quality of ministry suffer. Let’s have a big meal together and recommit to each other and the overall mission.

I have heard this kind of situation described as “siloed” ministry. Where each separate area does it’s own thing. I sat in one meeting at a church that was fighting this syndrome, and watched two different ministry areas that had each scheduled a Father/Son Camp-out on different weekends of the same month stare each other down over who was going to cancel their event.

How can a church be good stewards when they waste time and energy duplicating or competing with other ministry’s programs?

The key component, I have found, to prevent this kind of separation is a leader who casts strong, clear vision. And a team that comes together to accomplish that vision. Then it’s not about what event my area did, it’s about how many people we reached for Christ, about how people’s lives were changed.