VBS 2009, Transporters, and Outhouses

2022 kids and workers. Almost $5k raised for missions. 104 decisions. One of the biggest events of the year was a huge success.

For whatever reason, we, like many churches, buy the Lifeway material and then create our own main session material. We sang only one of their songs, wrote our own skit, and had our own challenges every day. I guess we used some of the material in the other areas, but I know we pay for the theme.

This year the Boomerang Express left the station every day. Kangaroo Jack (Jack Fiscus, Pastor of Education) and Dave (David Holmes, Children’s Pastor) always met up in the Worship Center before we left. For some reason there was a big outback outhouse right there. On Monday, against Kangaroo Jack’s advice, Dave went in. The outhouse began to shake and smoke, and suddenly Dave was transported to Haiti.

The kids could see him right on the screen. He was really in haiti, learning about New Missions’ work there. Then he teleported back. Of course, Kangaroo Jack hadn’t seen him go, and didn’t believe him. And so the story went, every day.

The kids were really into it. Younger ones were amazed, and older ones were trying to figure it out. How did he go from bathroom to beach? My almost-7-yr-old finally asked me how he did it. I told him, but made him promise not to tell. A few weeks earlier several people had visited Haiti, and they shot several clips over a 3 day trip. It took a lot of pre production.

Before they went, the VBS team new what each day would cover, and had an idea of what they wanted to capture on tape. They took a Sony A1U HDV camera and a Sennheiser wireless lav and shot 3 hours of footage over 3 days, which was delivered to me. After a couple of meetings, I had the outline, and began sorting through it all. I would rough in the segment, and our resident audio expert would fix the sound.

There were some really cool moments, like when Dave called out from Haiti to Doug, our worship leader, and asked him to sing a song in English the kids in Haiti had just sung in Creole. On day 3 Dave took a backpack into the outhouse, and materialized in Haiti with it. He took the pack and contents to Kindi, a boy sponsored by a singer on our worship team. You know it’s working when Dave asks something from Haiti, and the kids here respond. By the time it was over we had 5 video segments, between from 6 and 7 minutes. Every day dave would sneak into the outhouse, and be sent over to Haiti.

The transition from live on stage to video and back worked very well. It was very cool to see us do something like this. The VBS team did a lot of work on the front end, and then we were able to deliver technically during the week, all of which contributed to a fun and memorable experience for the kids.


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