The Ethics of Hacking an iPhone

Today I learned of a very easy way to get tethering for your computer to your iPhone. Basically, you go to a site, download a file, install and reboot… and set up your network preferences. There’s even a video on how to do it. (Try it at your own risk!)

It is basically a background app that interfaces your phone’s internet connection with your computer. I tried it and saw some pretty good speeds. Nothing too fast, but 1 meg down isn’t horrible. tethered speed

So here’s my question… is it ethical to use this app?

I can rationalize it. I pay for unlimited data, and this simply uses what I pay for. It doesn’t even really hack the phone or alter the base software. And it does something that AT&T cannot, or will not do yet.

However, I am sure that AT&T will eventually come out with a tethering service for the iPhone. When they do, they will want anyone who wants to tether to pay for the service.

So, is it ethical to do this now? I will say it’s no less ethical than to “jailbreak” the phone. Also, since I did this today, I cannot get photos to sync to the phone. Still working on that. One of the things you sacrifice is tech service. You could say that the main thing you pay for with a paid tether service is the ability to get help if something doesn’t work.

I have not worked it all out yet. It was pretty cool to tether, turn on internet sharing, and have a wifi hot spot from my laptop through my phone. But cool doesn’t mean ethical.

Edit: I fixed the photo issue by removing and re-syncing the photos. But I also, later, decided to remove the app for now.