Twitter vs Iran

iranprotestIf you have been hiding under a rock this week you may not know about the political unrest in Iran. (graphic images) There are claims, and proof, that the election was not fair, and was in fact stolen.

There is lot of information available on the internet about it, even though the current government there wishes that was not true. Ahmadinejad and his government took extreme measures to restrict information, even going so far as to try to shut down parts of the internet.

But people are smart. You could read live updates on twitter on election day. While actual news has been censored, no one can censor individuals using their own access to the world. That repressive government cannot stop the flow of information, and now the world knows what is happening. In the past we would have heard little about this. But today we can see first hand accounts of the struggle for freedom and democracy. Search youtube, twitter or facebook. Their ongoing struggle for democracy is being chronicled, with live updates.

I know little about Ahmadinejad’s opponent. I doubt he’s a perfect leader, but I don’t think he could be worse. I don’t think this is about this guy vs that guy, it’s about the freedom to elect your leaders. I don’t know what will happen.

I do know that no government on the planet should think it can control information ever again.