Rumored Apple Tablet Still Rumored

A few internet sites are talking about the much rumored Apple Tablet Device/PC. One quotes a “veteran analyst” who anonymously leaked info about it.

Most say a 9.7″ widescreen, and a price point around $800. Some speculate that it could be subsidized by a phone company with a 3G contract as much as $200. Some describe it as a big iPod Touch,

My main question… would I buy it?

My main answer… if it does what I need it to.

I would love to transition to a mac pro tower and a tablet, as long as I can take notes, use bluetooth devices, and run any programs I need on the tablet.

It would ideally include bluetooth support for wireless keyboard and mice, as well as head sets. It should ship with an app available that let’s me edit and save Word docs. The ability to use a remote wold be cool. And to run all the iPhone/iPod apps I already have. 32GB models to start?

I can dream.