Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive Resolution

A while back I posted about the RMA experience with WD. I lost a 1TB drive, lost over 700GBs of files, most of which I can rebuild, but it will take a while. You can read again the main issues, but in summary, it took over a month to get my replacement.

I was not happy. I finally called again, and the customer service rep immediately saw the issue, and did not make me go over it again. He asked his supervisor to swap me out with the 1TB Studio Edition (He said it was the same as the Home Edition, but formatted for Mac.) He came back on the phone to way it was approved, and would be processed within 48 business hours. And low and behold, by Tuesday I had a tracking number.

And it was for a next day air package!

So, I got the drive back, and surprise, it’s not just firewire, it’s firewire 800. Luckily I have both USB and firewire 800 connections so it will work great.

I am still not happy with the fact this took over a month, but once I went through their process, they did make it right.