True Love Doesn’t Stop for Dirt

It’s hot in Florida. And you pretty much mow the lawn 10 months of the year.

Today, when I came in from mowing, I was very dirty and sweaty. My youngest is starting to get around pretty good, and she came toddling over. I know she was going to hug me. She had that look, you know?

I bean to back away, saying, “No, daddy’s dirty, Don’t touch me. Dady’s sweaty, daddy’s gross”

But she kept on coming until she grabbed me. Nothing I said could persuade here. She didn’t care that I was slimy with sweat or smelly from working in the heat. She just wanted to hug me, not matter what.

Later, I realized that’s how God is with us. We might say that we are too sinful, to unclean for him, but he keeps pursuing us anyway. Nothing we can do will stop him. He keeps coming. He won’t stop because we are not clean. He won’t stop for dirt.