Kodak Zi8 May be the Worst Product Launch I Have Ever Seen

Back a couple of weeks ago I blogged my anticipation of the new Kodak Zi8 pocket camcorder. It’s a 1080p, external mic jack technological wonder. I was ready to purchase.

Now, 11 days later the only place I can find it is on Amazon.com. But I want to hold it, and play with it before I purchase. All the brick and mortar stores that carry Kodak products do not yet stock the Zi8. I did see a local target that has put the Zi6 on clearance, which may mean they will soon have the Zi8 in stock. I can’t even pre-order it from the web stores of these large chains.

In contrast, I can already order the new iPods, just announced yesterday, from these places.

Kodak should take a lesson from Apple. Even the launch of the PS3 and Xbox 360 were better by comparison. At least they had some available at some locations. How can you release a major update to a product, a so-called “Flip” camera killer, and not actually make them available?

For now, I am waiting because I want the feature set. But I grow weary.

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I have seen them in stock!


6 thoughts on “Kodak Zi8 May be the Worst Product Launch I Have Ever Seen

  1. I agree! This is ridiculous. It’s now the end of September and the Zi8 is nowhere to be found in stores. Ton’s of the piece of junk Zi6’s (of course, because no one bought those as they were just a Flip with double AA batteries and a removable memory card). C’mon Kodak, it’s been a month now, let’s get the show on the road before I just say forget it and buy a frigging flip and keep screaming across the room into the microphone!

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