Sometimes teamwork is what gets you through a crisis.
Two Saturdays ago the main projector lamp blew when we powered it on. It’s a five year old Christie 12k Roadie. We didn’t notice until about 20 minutes before the service. We quickly determined that it was not an AMX issue, but in fact the projector was not powering on. At that point several things happened. I got on the com and alerted the house crew. They broke off a couple of stage guys to help us. We began to move toward using a spare (but less bright) projector.

Meanwhile, Bobby Falconnier went upstairs. A couple of minutes later he reported that it was the lamp that had blown. We had the old lamp, which we had replaced the year before. He removed and replaced the blown lamp with the old one. It powered up, and we were ready to go two minutes before the service was to begin.

The screen didn’t look great, but it worked. We actually had doubts about how long it would last. After the service we placed a 6500 lumen Eiki with a wide angle lens in the projector room and got it wired up. In case of lamp failure, all we would have had to do was go up and hit the power switch. The image only filled about 80% of the screen (see left image), but it looked as bright as the old 12k lamp.

There will be a moment of crisis. Working together is the best way to quickly get through the issue. There was no question, we were all working together to get a solution in place. if the old lap had failed, the substitute projector would have been ready a little while later. This week we had a new lamp installed, and are getting another new lamp for the next time this happens. They don’t make new lamps anymore, so we have to get the assemblies refurbished with 3rd party products. But they work.