TV Ministry

I was compiling some numbers from our TV ministry the other day. Numbers aren’t the reason we do TV, but every number represents a person we’ve impacted because of our TV ministry. We’d like to move beyond our local market someday, but want to transition to an HD facility before that happens:

For over 47 years First Baptist Orlando has had a presence on local TV.

Currently, Passionate Living with David Uth is seen on WFTV, TV45, and TBN locally. We average 40,000+ homes on WFTV alone. When we factor in the other two channels, we impact over 100,000 people every week with our broadcast.

We average 44 calls per week into our prayer lines. As of September this year, 18 people have professed faith in Christ on one of those phone calls.

From January to August 2009 we added 553 new members. 82 of those say that they first heard of our church through the TV ministry. While 46% of our new members come because they were invited by a friend or family member, 15% of new members hear about our church because of the TV ministry.

We have two versions of passionate Living with David Uth. On Sundays we broadcast a 58:30 which includes music and the sermon. During the week we produce a series-based 28:30, sermon only program.