Unboxing the Panels

Because we are like school children at Christmas time, we couldn’t wait to open up at least some of the switcher boxes:

Here’s the 1ME Panel:

Here’s the larger 2ME Panel:

We got a 3ME switcher with 2 separate panels. Broadcast will use the 1ME panel, since we do all our graphics in post. The IMAG position will have access to 2MEs. From there we can do more effects, or even switch two feeds at the same time. For instance, we could control flat screens on the platform and the IMAG screen at the same time from the same position. Or we could set 1 ME to chase another without graphics, and still do a different switch on the 3rd.

The Snell comes with the HD upgrade already, so we are ready to take HD sources, when that day comes. Meanwhile, it can handle SD just as well.

By next Saturday we will be up and running, ready for the weekend.