The New Control Panels

The new control panels for the Snell & Wilcox Kahuna are in.

The 1ME panel for the front position where we switch for broadcast is a bit smaller than the old Grass Valley 200 panel.
1mepanel wrong size

So TI had an inset made to hold it.

And it turned out very nice.

The 2ME panel for IMAG position is also in and ready.
2me on and in

And we have an aux panel going in.

The rep from Snell is in commissioning the switcher, updated software and making sure it’s all set up. Tomorrow we train. Tomorrow night we have a service.


3 thoughts on “The New Control Panels

  1. Stephen Brandt

    Does this mean you won’t have to shoot the I-mag anymore, and take the feed direct from ProPresenter when going to tape? Also, are you going to have one of the M/E’s go to the webstream. Just a thought.

  2. Yes, that’s what that means, among other things. The timing issues with the GV 200 are a thing of the past.

    And, we can take the broadcast feed to the web with graphics and still record a clean feed to tape.

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