Adobe Licensing FTL (For The Loss)

I am very disappointed in my Adobe CS3 Production Premium software. I mean the mad, angry, upset sort of disappointed. For what seems to be no reason all of the CS3 programs give me this error upon launch:

Searches online have revealed it’s a major issue, with all kinds of solutions, none of which have worked.

I have tried the “licenserecovery109” from Adobe, the “CS3Cleanscript”, repairing permissions, and all kinds of other permission fixes. These were after three attempts to reinstall the programs. I even tried to install only the shared components.

Currently I cannot even play a flash video, much less actually do the video animation I need to do. All Adobe programs have been compromised.

I have wasted too many hours on a known issue, but one that Adobe doesn’t know/care how to fix.


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