Acts of Love Sale

Yesterday we had over a hundred families at the church for a huge yard sale. The proceeds of the yard sale wil go entirely to those in need. Hundreds of people showed up to buy thousands of items.

My involvement as a seller came late. We didn’t decide to participate until Friday. I loaded up the Freestyle and took a few tools and toys we no longer needed. I didn’t bring nearly what most people did. I priced things to move. Within an hour I had sold everything I brought. $63 worth of sales in less than 60 minutes. And $63 is nothing compared to some sellers. But it’s $63 I know will be used to help people.

Then, I went out shopping myself, and got a couple good deals. Again, it felt good to know that my money was going to be used to help people.

I had a few things I didn’t need, but that someone else might need. I sold them at a low price. I gave that money to the church to be distributed to people in need, just like Acts 2:45: “And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.”

I would rather sell those things than have them sit in my garage, unused. I would rather let some of my excess go to help those who have a need.