Hard Days

Some days are harder than others.

We learned a few weeks ago that the 2010 budget would include a significant reduction in operating expense, and that would include some staff changes. The changes cover a lot of departments and include a range of salary adjustments, converting FT positions to PT, and position eliminations.

A lot of conversations later, 3 people in my ministry area were affected. Yesterday I had to tell two employees that their jobs were converting to part time. This morning I had to tell another that her position was eliminated.

While my feelings can’t compare to what these 3 are going through, or the others across the staff, I don’t mind telling you that this was a couple of the hardest days of my professional career. I have had plenty of hard conversations with staff that were not performing well. I’ve let people go with cause. I’ve never had to do multiple life-altering conversations with people who did not deserve it.

It could have been worse. The initial proposal brought to me had 3 positions completely eliminated. At least I was able to have some input. As soon as I knew for sure what was going to happen, I let my staff know what was coming. It’s still to close to the holidays for my liking, but we had to wait until the budget proposal was complete.

Over the next few days the rest of the staff who are affected will find out. Please keep them in your prayers.