Sneaking Into Blu Ray

I have been slow to adopt Blu Ray. Not because it’s not amazing, or the clear winner of the HD disc wars, but because I have a huge investment in DVDs and am not sure that disks are the final solution for video entertainment. I think movies will be stored on drives, and downloaded or streamed as a final solution to the “How to watch HD movies” question.

But Blu ray Players are getting a lot cheaper. This Black friday… I may have to get one. Lots of great deals to be had.

Knowing that, and my habit of ripping movies and watching them on my Apple TV (video from a hard drive or streamed), I noticed that a lot of Blu Ray discs come with a digital copy. Last night I bought a Blu Ray movie and I don’t even have a player. but I can play the digital copy. That version isn’t HD, but it looks as good as my regular DVDs.

I’m sort of sneaking into the Blu Ray world.

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