Digital Copies

I love discs with included digital copies. As a part of my Black Friday shopping I ended up with a couple of blu ray discs that had them. A pleasant surprise.

Generally I use handbrake (freeware) to rip a DVD. H.264 compression at an average of 2 mbs. It works great, but takes a long time. Recently movie makers have taken steps to hinder ripping movies like this.

They place 99 titles on the disc, with different versions of the movie that have the chapters out of order. Most new Disney movies are like this. The hope, I think, is that potential pirates will get tired of trying to find the right title to rip.

Of course technologically minded people cracked this code in about two seconds. Play the DVD, and take note of which title plays. Then rip that one.

I have no qualms about ripping a DVD I own to personally use. I paid for the license to use the content and I will use it. I won’t go download ripped movies, or make ones I rip available to others.

Even so, you do lose something when you rip. Subtitles and options for audio. And the ripped version may be at full resolution, but the compression is sometimes off.

Discs with digital copies included bypass all of that. Simply insert the disc, input the code and download the movie to your iTunes account.

Brilliant idea, really. It allows license owners to use the content on multiple devices without losing DRM protection. And it’s good for Apple because it perpetuates their products and gets consumers used to using the iTunes store for movies. And it’s good for non technical people who need something easy, but want to use their mobile devices for video playback.

I think that every video manufacturer should provide a digital copy with every disc purchase.