Guitar Hero Trees

There are some very smart people on our staff. One of them figured out how to use a Guitar Hero controller to fire the midi lights on the Singing Christmas Trees.

I knew there had been some discussion about this, but did not know how far along into development things were. I came in to help tape some extras for the DVD of the Trees and found that the guitar was hooked up and working. Apparently the process bypasses the main racks, which we were concerned could be compromised before a presentation. As cool as it would be to play Guitar hero on the Trees, we could not put the presentation in jeopardy.

But they figured out how to make it work without lasting ill effects to the Trees programming:

Since this time we have had multiple successful presentations. For the DVD we have to cut out the actual audio from the game because of copyright concerns, but the concept is sound. The controller actually fired the lights.

Now, how do we incorporate this into next year’s presentation?