Facebook and Abusive Discussions

Recently Phil Cooke posted an political article on his facebook account. Shortly he got a mesage saying it had been removed because it had been reported as abusive. I read the article, and it is very direct, I wouldn’t characterize it as more abusive than other articles, from both sides, I have seen on Facebook.

Was this an overeager FB monitor? Or a case of people reporting an article they just don’t like? The comments on Phil’s post are interesting. One even suggests it was simply a technical glitch.

This line from his post resonated with me: “Whatever your persuasion, it’s a good reminder that your Facebook space doesn’t belong to you – it belongs to Facebook, and whatever over-eager site editors they employ.”

I agree. We use Facebook for free, and are subject to their policies, and to their whims on how to implement said policies. If this was someone “abusing” their power over labeling posts as abusive, at least it is not something rampant. I don’t know of any other deleted posts like this one.