Singing Trees Christmas Reflections Video Wrap Up

Today was the last quick-turn video we did for the Singing Christmas Trees at church. For most presentations the project went very smoothly. I would go out into the welcome centers right before doors opened, capture a few answers, and then move inside the worship center after people began seating. 20 minutes later I was back transferring footage.

We found that the Z1U in full auto with our LED light was the best setting. I used a monopod to stead the camera, and a basic Shure beta 58. I did not want to use anything wireless because I have gotten interference before, and I needed audio as clean as possible. I used a cord about 8 feet long. Enough to reach across pews, but not so long as to trip me up. I tried to boost the low audio as much as I could, but we had no time for real mixing.

Capturing direct to Quicktime was a critical component in making this work. The night I captured to Raw DV I was very pressed for render time. QT was recognized by Final Cut without need for render. We laid the new video over the music bed and rendered the graphic. Using the AJA for direct playback into the switcher also was a huge time saver. The real key to making this work was to eliminate all capture and export time.

The result was a fun element of the program. Audience members were able to participate in the program, and it set the tone for remembering past Christmases.

Will we do it next year? I don’t know. It was definitely a more frantic pre-show for me, but it worked well. I can see us doing more things like this in the future. I liked the process of using actual audience members in the presentation.