What Other Things Might be Announced at the Apple Event?

While most attention is focused on whether Apple will introduce a tablet at the end of this month, I can’t help but wonder if we might see some other things as well.

TV subscription service through iTunes. The WSJ posted an article about who might participate in such a service. The february issue of macworld also had an article on this. Would consumers ay $30 per month to watch as many TV shows as they wanted through iTunes? For me, yes. I would dump cable and get this subscription and use my Apple TV. This sort of service would move the Apple TV from hobby to staple in the home theater market. but it may not be smooth sailing, from the WSJ article:

“Apple faces an uphill battle assembling a critical mass of TV networks to sign up, a factor that could delay or scuttle a launch. A broad swath of media companies—including News Corp., Viacom Inc., Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting and Discovery Communications Inc.—appear to be opposed to or leaning away from signing on, at least to Apple’s initial proposals, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Higher resolution iPhone screen. The current screen size is 480×320 pixels, with a display of 163ppi. The Google Nexus One features a 3.7in AMOLED display, with a 800×480 resolution. In my opinion, the only area where these new models of phone are outstripping the iPhone is screen resolution. Is it possible that a higher resolution screen could be introduced?

Wireless Sync. Probably over wifi only. The Zune has this. The Amazon Kindle has it’s Whispersync. It seems like a natural evolution for the iPhone to add this feature. Could it be simply a software change?

iPod Touch with camera. If it’s possible to fit a camera into the Nano, I have to think it could be done with an iPod Touch. Adding a camera to the Touch seems like an easy way to refresh the line up. But maybe it’s too tight a squeeze in there.

If Apple releases the iSlate (or whatever it will be called), I would expect there to be a few preliminary announcements. None of these features are worthy of an event alone, but any would be welcome additions to the capabilities of Apple products.


One thought on “What Other Things Might be Announced at the Apple Event?

  1. I too would ditch cable and pay for a monthly (unlimited) subscription service. We already buy a lot of shows for our kids (because they watch them over and over again).

    But for “grown-up” shows, a subscription would be much better.

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