I Finished Ripping My DVD Library

It’s done!

While I have probably missed some, or forgotten to include captions on some, I finally finished the rip of my entire DVD collection. The files can be played on both my Apple TV and my iPods/iPhones.

Over 300 DVDs. Over 620GB of movie files. You may remember that I was about 270 movies into this process before when my external HD failed, and I hard to begin again. I managed to salvage about 50 but had to re do the rest. Over 2 hours of rip time for each. Man. I am so glad to be on the other side of this.

I used Handbrake exclusively. Even though I have had some issues with the new version, it is the best free DVD ripping software available for Mac. I will now finish my trial and error testing of the new version, and compare it to 0.93.

I am just so happy to be done. It was a huge job because we have a large collection of DVDs. Now I can have them waiting to be played on the Apple TV, stream them through something like boxee, carry them on my iPod or iPhone.

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