Missions Team Uses Facebook and Twitter to Communicate from Haiti After Quake

Several people associated with our church and school were part of a 40 member mission team in Haiti when the devastating earthquake struck yesterday. The team is there working with New Missions, and was delivering hundreds of the “Christmas” shoeboxes people in Orlando had donated for the children of that impoverished nation.

Right after the quake, aside from a couple of spotty cell phone calls, information from the team was almost nonexistent. We knew that everyone on the team was OK, and they were moving to higher ground in case of a tsunami. But that is it.

The next day they returned to the main campus for New Missions. They still are having trouble making calls, but they can access the internet through a satellite wifi connection. New Missions has been posting video of the team members to their facebook page, and posting twitter updates. from those we have seen the whole team on video, alive and well. we have seen pictures of people handing out food to the surrounding community, and of the damage there. I just saw a picture of someone fixing the water well on the compound so they can continue to have clean drinking water.

Everyone is safe, but the situation is still unstable, so we are doing everything we can to get our people home.