Last year my wife read 61 books. Yes, 61, and that doesn’t include books read to the kids.

I am also an avid reader. I have been a reader since I was a kid, living in a home with only one TV station.

I have not really gotten into the electronic readers out there. I did download Kindle for my iPhone and have read some samples on it. I have one app that includes classic fiction books. I like the stand along Kindle, but won’t shell out tat much for a book reader until the electronic books come down below $10 a piece. If I can wait until books are in paper back (selling for $6-7 each) I’m not willing to pay $10 for a book I can’t loan out, or let my wife read without giving up my own e-reader. I understand that Amazon and other e-reader maker are working to lower costs even on new releases. When I can buy new releases at less than paperback prices, I will look more closely at an e-reader.

Meanwhile, we love the library. Did you know tat the Orange county library will let you select books online, and deliver them to your front door, for no charge?

We love book sales. And used book stores. If you frequent used bookstores, you know there always seems to be one in every town that smells a bit like cat litter. That’s the one where you can find some really good deals. My wife likes thrift stores for books as well. And the library sales.

I read a combination of fiction and non fiction books. I once was told that reading fiction was self indulgence. I disagree. As a person who tries to tell stories, I think learning how others tell stories is important. In addition, as a person who communicates to those who are inundated with culture, I need to know what people are are saying, and how they say it. Books deal with all kinds of cultural dimensions. So, I will continue to read fiction and non fiction.

When I hear about people who don’t even read one book a year, I wonder what happened to make them that way. Did they lose all desire to learn? Have they never read a good book, one that captivates the imagination? Don’t they like stories?

Me? I love them. I am experiencing what my wife and I call “good book let down” right now. I just finished a fiction book, and I wish I was still reading the story. I wish I knew what happened next. Luckily, it passes as soon as I start another book. I think I’ll go look for one right now.