Making the Kahuna Work With Macros

Yesterday we put the Snell & Wilcox Kahuna through some work. For the first time we really used it’s capabilities during a service.

It was Missionsfest weekend, and we had four different video streams to show. And the video on the side screens was different than the one on the center screen. We loaded the 8 videos (4 streams) onto our Gras Valley Turbos. The Kahuna can completely control playback from the Turbos. So, once everything was loaded we tested playback. It worked like a charm. But during the rehearsal we realized that there were way too many button pushes for us to be comfortable. We had to load and cue each clip in he right player. Put each ME into the right preview,and switch and play the videos at the same time. That already meant that we had to do a macro, so we decided to make the macros count.

We programmed each set of videos to be loaded and played by a specific macro command, and then programmed one macro to switch to the appropriate Turbo for each ME. That meant that each video could be loaded and played by two button pushes, rather than a dozen or so. This level of automation really helped make this past weekend’s services simple, while allowing us to use tech to enhance the worship service.

I know that automation isn’t something exclusive to Snell, but coming from a Grass Valley 200 to the Kahuna is such a light year move forward it still amazes me.