Letter To God Movie Review

I was privileged to see a prescreening of the film Letters to God, from Possibility Pictures the other day. The film hits theaters April 9th.

I want to encourage you to go see it. Not because it’s the best picture ever made (It isn’t) but because it is one of the best religious films ever made for less than $3 million. It wasn’t made with money from Hollywood. David Nixon, producer who was involved with Facing the Giants and Fireproof, continues the same kind of filmmaking philosophy. Make a film, and then take the momentum and money from the film to make the next. David Nixon Productions has three films in the works, Letters to God is the first to be released. You should go see it just to help the progression of the new model of Christian movie making. In my opinion, this change in model is the best thing to happen to religious films, ever.

The bonus is that you will get to see a decent film while you are at it. From a technical perspective, Letters to God far surpasses Facing the Giants and Fireproof. That is to be expected, since the budget for this movie was six times that of Fireproof. And because of the resources they could pull from many of the actors are professional. Including Bailee Madison from Lonely Hearts and Bridge to Terabithia.

It’s a good story. Moving at times, it doesn’t shy away from real issues. If you have ever lost someone to cancer I can just about guarantee that you will be moved to tears. It’s the story of hope from a hopeless situation. It’s strength from weakness. I left impressed with the movie.

Go see it, and go see it opening weekend!