iPad Apps of Interest

Some apps for the iPad I find interesting:

ABC. For free you can stream the content you find on the ABC website. Want to watch the episode of Lost you missed?

Netflix. Stream movies from your Netflix account. The iPad joins other devices like Blu Ray players in the ability to access an watch content through your Netflix subscription.

iDisplay. Engadget reports a display extender. You can wirelessly extend your computer desktop onto the iPad screen. Works with iPhone too. Intro price of $5.

Marvel Comics. $2 per issue. If you like comic books, this should be one you get.

Scrabble. I have been using Words with Friends for my “Scrabble-like’ needs. But the iPad version of the real game allows you to sync iPod Touch/iPhones to the game in play, and use them as tile trays for the game board on the iPad. Nice. $10.

Brushes ($10) or Sketchbook Pro ($8). Odds are one of these will be “the” painting app to have on the iPad.

Mini Apps. It’s a multi tasking work around. From within the program you can do several tasks at once. At first just browser, weather, calculator, sticky notes and NASA’s Image of the Day, but more are promised. Supposedly you can do multiple browsers and notes at once. $1.

Boardbox. A collection of 15 board game components. There is no computer opponent, just the pieces you need to play with others. $4.