Protecting Big Spring

Last week I made a trip to Big Spring, just outside of Van Buren, Mo. The United States largest single source spring, it empties into the Current River a short distance away. It’s a great park. Interesting water, decent trails, and good picnic spot. After lunch we walked down the Slough Trail, which had signs describing something very interesting. As a native Missourian, I find it natural that people in the Show-Me-State would name such a large water feature “Big Spring”.

In 1933, during the Great Depression, the Current River was at flood stage, and threatened to spill over its river bed, and into the spring itself. There was speculation that the river bed would simply shift into that track, destroying the natural beauty of the spring. To prevent this from happening, five dikes were built to stop the overflow of the river. You can still see the remains of a couple of them today. They protected the pure water of the spring from the flooded, dirty water of the river. Yes, that water would eventually merge with the river anyway, but for a short time, the spring would remain a source of pure water, a beautiful peaceful place.

It made me wonder what lengths we go to protecting what is pure. What dikes will we set up in life to protect what is pure from what is polluted? Will we just accept what comes from a flooded world, or will we take steps to block the onslaught of impurity in our lives? When we see innocence threatened, will we do the work to protect it?


2 thoughts on “Protecting Big Spring

  1. From one native Missourian to another, Howdy!Is Big Spring larger than Mammoth Spring? I’ve been to both and I know which looks bigger (the latter) no matter…You ask some tough questions here,they remind me of another question, “why do bad things happen to good people” well, show me some “good” people and I’ll tell you! Do we delude
    (or dilute?lol)ourselves into thinking that we have anything left to protect? I’m not saying that we should just give in to sin,only that while we’re still in this tent of flesh we’ll continue to sin! Perhaps what we should really be good at is asking Gods forgiveness! P.S. Have you been to Greer Spring?

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