Living with the Wifi iPad

A little over a week ago we bought a 16GB WIFI iPad for the church. We use it to monitor planning center online during the service. The small form factor makes it perfect for use in the pew, where we need up to date information on service flows.

In the mean time I have been using it during the week. no sense letting it sit around, right? I am trying to see if it is really something I can use on a regular basis. So I have been living with it for a couple of weeks.

I took it on a trip and discovered that I will have to have a 3G model. I was at a trade show with very limited wifi, and it was very frustrating. Many of the apps I use are net driven, and the lack of connectivity really hampered me.

But the battery power was amazing. I know that people are getting 10+ hours of life out of one charge, but it’s still unbelievable. I watched 2 movies, played games and read a couple of chapters on the flight. Then, after using it for a couple of hours the rest of the day, I accidentally plugged it in to charge on a GDI outlet that had tripped. It did not charge at all overnight. I was still able to use it the next day and have over 40% battery left. My iPhone has nothing on that.

Since then I have been trying it out during meetings. I downloaded a couple of note taking apps, and have transferred my handwritten notes to the iPad. So far I am OK with it. My laptop battery barely lasts an hour and a half. I was in a 4 hour meeting today and had plenty of battery life left.

I do miss Flash. Part of my job is reviewing video clips we might use in worship. Most sites display these in Flash, which leaves the iPad right out. It’s definitely not a computer replacement.

As a media consumption device, I don’t know if it has an equal. Game apps, video apps, music, and movies are a lot of fun. The screen is large, but the device is not too big. Oddly, the 4:3 aspect ratio has grown on me. A widescreen aspect ratio would make the iPad feel strange.

I hate fingerprints on the screen. It’s pretty easy to clean, but when the screen is dark it looks bad after I’m done typing. Still, with the screen on they are barely noticeable.

I am still getting to know the iPad. I like what I know so far.