Upgrading Our Youtube Channel- a Work in Progress

A few weeks ago I saw what a fully developed Youtube Channel could be. I saw how user definable it could be. Then I looked at our church’s Youtube Channel:

It was not all it could be. First, we were not really using it to drive content to our own site. A huge, but easy, mistake with social media. All social media should drive viewers to your own church’s site. Never take people who are viewing your website to a social media site. Use that social media to generate views of the content you create and control.

Second, it was very bland. I am no graphic designer, but surely I could do more. I mentioned to our creative area that I was going to bring a project to them, but in the mean time I tried to help us along.

OK, it’s not much of an improvement, but it’s a step forward. The biggest thing is that we started taking clips from the service archives, and using them to drive people from Youtube to our archive player, where they can see entire services.

Next step, make it look better.