The LOST Finale

A word of warning: if you have not seen last nights finale of LOST yet, don’t read further. There will be spoilers.

It’s over. Six years of intriguing story has finally come to an end. While I am still processing the plot, I was generally pleased with the 2.5 hour episode.

The last 10 minutes of the show struck me wrong, and have caused a few questions. I’m going to assume you watched the show, and not try to explain it all, just pose an interpretation:

I think the entire sideways-flash-world was some sort of afterlife/limbo/purgatory. But the island was real. In many ways I felt like this was a bit of a cop out. They could have stayed away from the “I see dead people cause we are all dead” ending there and moved toward a more sci-fi ending, with an alternate reality that could not continue to exist.

To a person, those who “remembered” their previous lives seemed to prefer the real life to the one that they had created together in sideways-flash-world. The final scene did not have to be Jack’s dad revealing that they were all in an afterlife. It could have been Desmond leading them to flash back to the island, to a reality that was required to be real because the power of the island had to continue for reality to continue.

But on the other hand I was pleased to see the writers give a significant nod to the spiritual aspects of the show.

So yes, the sideways-flash-world was an afterlife construct where they all had the chance to live out what could be considered their preferable lives, but in the end they all drifted together. And then moved on, through the glowing doors, toward the light.

My favorite part of the episode was watching how all the characters remembered. We were all reminded of their most critical moments in the show. Very emotional. This storyline was all about emotion, and not about explaining things. The other storyline was about explaining, sort of.

The start of the season, that was where we were first introduced to this alternate timeline. Some will probably think that the nuclear bomb killed them all, and both parts of the show were in the afterlife. I think there are too many loose ends and inconsistencies to have that theory hold.

I think that the nuke’s blast broke through to the pocket of energy, and everyone time shifted back to the “present”. The blast from the bomb was consumed by the pocket of energy, so the reality was that they changed nothing in the past. And therefore, Juliet was in the wreckage of the hatch, and died in the arms of Sawyer. The blast fixed the time issues, but did not change the past.

When we saw Jack die, that was him actually dying. Everyone else that died on the island, died then for real. Then they were all together in the sideways-flash-world, in that time, because as Jack’s dad said, there isn’t really any time after death.