DVI-I to Component off a 2007 MacBook Pro

I am currently running a 2007 (late year, 2.2 GHz C2D, with the NVidia 8600 graphics card) Macbook Pro. These were the ones with the full size DVD-I outputs, before Apple went to the mini DVI ports. I want to take the video out from the DVI and convert it to an analog (or digital, I’m not picky) component signal.

Supposedly, DVD-I will send both the digital and analog signals out, and just about any converter can drop the signal down to component. However, some places online say that Apple did not send the analog through its DVI-I ports. Some DVI to Component adapters claim they only work with ATI graphics cards.

I have not found any source that says you can easily convert a DVI signal from this old Mac to a component video source. What I have found are people saying it’s not as easy as you think. I will keep looking to see what can be done.

I would love to be able to stream boxee through my TV. Or any video. Or maybe someone could port boxee to the iPad.