Editing Video on an iPhone 3Gs

With the announcement of iMovie for iPhone, and then subsequent announcement that it would only work on the iphone 4, made me wonder what options existed for iPhone 3Gs owners like me. I would love to be able to edit video on my phone. Mainly so I can do quick videos to post online.

After a litle bit of research I came up with Reel Director from nexvio. It’s no Final Cut Pro, or even iMovie, but it does allow you to string clips together, edit for length, add transitions, titles and even a sound track for $3.99. You cannot use audio from your iTunes library, but must upload them from your computer. Photos can be animated with the Ken Burns effect.

No real preview. You have to render it all to see and hear how your video really plays, and the render time isn’t quick. But you can edit video on your phone.

For a quick way to throw together a video shot on your phone, Reel Director may be the app for you. Here is a short highlight video I shot and edited on site during the SBC Crossover food drop at our church: