Quick Review of iOS4

I am typing this on my iPhone running iOS4, while streaming music in the background.

The upgrade process went smoothly. Download, update and then iTunes automatically installed my files. The interface seems quick on my 3GS. I selected a wallpaper for my home screen.

Then I made some folders. By using folders I dropped from 5 screens of apps down to 3. There is a maximum of 12 apps per folder. I actually have 2 games folders.

I downloaded iBooks and synced my books and bookmarks. Seamless process so far. But, I think that when I read some on my iPhone and then pick up the iPad, unless I have synced them since, the bookmarks will not be in the same place. I don’t think they will sync wirelessly.

Multiple tasking is cool. Can’t wait to get a new version of my Navigon software. Of course, apps have to be optimized for iOS4 to really use it, but it works pretty well so far. Double tap the home button to see what is open. Touch and hold to enter the “quit app” mode.

The nested replies in email surprised me. It was automatic. My exchange account is very much like my gmail account now.

I tested out the new digital zoom on the camera:

Not too bad. You can definitely see the pixels, but hey, it’s digital zoom.

Overall it has been an easy transition to the new OS. Like it so far.

iPod Update: I upgraded my 8GB iPod Touch, a version from a couple years ago. No multitasking ability. But folders work great.