Hipstamatic and Mobile Photos

Recently I started seeing friends post interesting images to facebook. Digital prints with an old look. Turns out they were using the Hipstamatic app for iPhone. It’s another photo app for the popular phone. This one simulates old “toy” cameras of the past. You can “change” lenses, film, and flashes. The app costs $2, with in app upgrades for $1 each. In all you can drop about $7 if you have a mind.

It’s not that the app makes you take good pictures. It just makes it fun to pay around with different gear variations and see what happens. The image above I took while waiting in the car. I shook the phone, which selects a random set of gear, and snapped the picture. Turned out pretty good.

One drawback is that the images are not recognized immediately by iPhoto. But you can post direct to facebook and flickr, as well as email from the program.

This app won’t replace a real camera, but it can help make otherwise boring mobile pics more fun.