My Monthly 3G Usage on AT&T

Last month I embarked upon an adventure. After AT&T changed their data plans to a tiered offering, I checked my data use, sure that I was hitting well over their 2GB limit. I was not; not even close. Quickly I realized that most of my data use was on a wifi network. So I had no real knowledge of how much data I actually used. Last month I decided to turn off wifi on my phone and see just how much data I really consumed.

Let me say, there’s a reason why smartphones come with wifi capability. As fast as 3G is, it’s slow. I freely admit, a few times I went back to settings and turned wifi back on. But then I went back to 3G. There were times when my 3G network at home was reduced to Edge, something I would never notice if I was using my wifi network. Suburban 3G coverage has it’s flaws.

Now it’s over, and wifi is back on. So what was my usage this past month?

Not 2GB, but definitely more than the 200MB tier. About 2/3 of my data use is on a wifi network. Since iOS4 released I find myself streaming audio over 3G more. If that continues, or increases, I might see a bump in usage, but I doubt it will ever be over the 2GB limit. Still, letting go of the “unlimited”plan for a savings of only $5 is not very tempting for me.

I will stay with my unlimited plan for now, and continue to monitor my data usage.